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Artist/Owner, Delan Canclini
Delan's TATTOO Gallery

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Delan has been drawing and loving art his entire life. Born and raised in northern California, he moved up to Oregon in 2001.

He specializes in Japanese art and really enjoys creating custom pieces. Delan loves tattooing and takes pride in creating quality tattoos for his clients.

Delan's goal is for the ink underground to be Salem, Oregon's high-end tattoo parlor where the clients are comfortable, the artists love what they do, and the tattoos are amazing.
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Artist, Lolly Canela
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Lolly has been an artist at heart for almost her entire life, and a  tattoo artist since 2008.

She loves many different forms of art but has a passion for this craft. Lolly specializes in graffiti, black and grey portraits, and anything custom!

Lolly is inspired by beats, rhymes, life, family and love. What inspires you? Come see Lolly, say what's up, and make it permanent!
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Before and After Tattoo cover up experts

A bad tattoo can become a beautiful piece of art when you have the right tattoo artist fix it up. Maybe the tattoo just needs some new color? Maybe you just want the entire old tattoo to disappear?  Let us know and we will do everything we can to help you out!

Tattoo Cover ups
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Artist Delan Canclini
Featured in Statesman Journal 7-8-12
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Artist Lolly Canela
Call (503) 364-6334

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The Ink Underground Tattoo Salon
located Downtown Salem
downstairs at the Reed Opera House
189 Liberty Street N E